Protecting the Roof over Your Head


SOTACS (State Of The Art Construction Solutions) is a family-run company specialising in flat roofing and carries out roof survey and renovation services in Kent, London and the South East of England. Our director has more than 50 years’ experience in the roofing industry, and has worked on some very prestigious contracts, including government and Ministry of Defence buildings, and even the Buckingham Palace estate.

Based in Kent, all our operatives are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects the roofing industry and carry out their work to a very high standard. We work with all types of roof system, to stop the leaks before they happen, and we help to identify and control asbestos through encapsulation and renovation.

Our Goals

We aim to prolong the life of your existing roof with preventative maintenance, rather than fully removing and renewing it too soon. Many contractors and manufacturers will recommend renewal when problems arise, as it is more profitable to them. If you have a car, you have a regular service to keep the warranty in place and keep it in good condition – you don’t just buy a new car, so why should the roof over your head be any different.

Provided you’ve kept your roof in good condition, we can guarantee up to 10 more years of leak-free life. If you have any problems with your roof, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with SOTACS for customer-friendly advice and work.

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