Protecting the Roof over Your Head

Asbestos Protection for Every Kind of Roof

SOTACS provides a high-quality roof renovation service for domestic and commercial buildings in Kent and the South East.

We provide a comprehensive asbestos protection service, with minimal disruption to your work and daily life. Our system leaves an attractive finish that complements your property, without disturbing the asbestos fibres, as per the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) recommendation. The HSE estimates that around 3000 people die in the UK from asbestos-related diseases every year, and all building owners have a legal obligation to counter this problem.

Our encapsulation system is just what you need, whether you have sheeting or a flat roof. For domestic properties, any estate agent will tell you that asbestos roofs and sheeted roofs will deter buyers. In the workplace, a full removal of your roof system would require occupants to vacate the premises, affecting productivity. Instead, we install our encapsulation system, quickly and safely.


Our installation begins with clearing any moss, lichen, and spoil from the site. Then a fungicidal treatment is sprayed on to the asbestos sheets to kill all growth. Any cracked sheets will be repaired. A frame is formed over the old asbestos roof and then layered with earth wool insulation, an OSB board, and high-tensile felt roofing. Finally, a layer of high-tensile mineral felt is bonded to the base felt.

Labour and materials are guaranteed for 10 years, with an option available for up to 20 years on request, before work begins. Our system will not only protect your roof, but enhance its appeal, adding value to your property.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation on our asbestos roof renovations and other asbestos protection services for your property in Kent and the South East